New MV: MBLAQ’s “Cry”

Credit: jtunecamp

After watching the teaser for this MV, my first thought is they’re going for an underwater ballerina theme. Of course I was skeptical of this since it could’ve went really well or really bad. I’m happy to say I’m pleasantly surprised with how the video turned out.

The song is so beautiful (I can’t stop playing it!) and the dance fits the song perfectly. The makeup, although not as bad as other groups that won’t be mentioned (although you can probably guess who if you think hard enough), my biggest gripe I have with the MV is the slight (well…a little more than slight) overacting through out the video and the insanely over used ‘singing passionately in the rain while crying out to the girl who wronged you’ scene.

Although as much as I dislike both of these elements, I will gladly bear them if it means that Joon will FINALLY keep his shirt on during this promotion. Now if we can get rid of the token lip swipe, we’ll be good to go.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars


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