(Our first love together: My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon)

Name Origin: There’s two of us. Our names start with J. We have 4-D personalities. Therefore J-D squared. Obviously.

What It’s On: Movies, Dramas/Shows, Music, ‘potentials’ and anything share-worthy – J-D squared commentary and reviews attached.

What Is Off: Derogatory Language and Extreme Fanaticism is off limits. We do not condone extremist or immature commentary on this blog, so please refrain from committing such atrocities here.

Style: Bi-polar. We can be rational, objective, and emotional, subjective, all at the same time. Therefore, many of our reviews and commentary will come from both positions. We love constructive criticism and debates. So feel free to express yourself (without committing above-mentioned atrocities)!

Invariably, we’re just minor characters in the grand scheme of the Asian Entertainment Universe, who may, once in a blue moon, spew words of wisdom and enlightenment. Did we mention we were fickle?


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